How live streaming made it possible for the world to attend the runways of the new SS23 collections, from NY to PARIS, via Milan.
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What makes fashion global, attainable, enjoyable?

We live in a historical period in which the fashion industry is pervasive in the world's culture, from television to print, from websites to social media, with a narrative that demands increasing attention and support.

Twenty years ago, attending a fashion show was a manifestation of the status quo. And if runways were for a select few, front row seats were for even fewer, because these represented the hierarchical marker par excellence.

Today, by contrast, the concept of distribution on a global scale has also infiltrated the fashion industry, starting precisely with the revaluation of space. And front-row seats, once reserved for buyers and publishers, have gradually opened up to celebrities and influencers until they reach entire virtual communities of amateurs and mere onlookers.

Thus fashion has become a topic of global conversation, leaving behind its rhetorical status as a museum asset. And runways have landed on screens all the way down to the streets, among ordinary people without a "reserved pass".

Fashion Shows
A change that starts with social revolutions, global pandemics, powerful new technologies and those of us who have learned to govern and guide them.

Thanks to live streaming, we were able to take the world on a journey between Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan and Paris together with our operators, discovering the Spring Summer 2023 fashion collections.

The Live Control Room allowed us to manage a schedule of 22 live shows transcending their simultaneity, from locations with or without an internet line, via IP or via satellite. All this in just 9 dates.

We managed to secure multiple formats with related posters and contributions on a virtually unlimited number of platforms, from websites to social media, from Italy to countries around the world, manning touchpoints such as:

- Meta
- TikTok
- YouTube
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- WeChat
- TMall
- Weibo
- Naver

any network

Fashion Shows
Fashion Shows
Fashion Shows

This is how our team of engineers and programmers, from an LCR, contribute every day to make fashion global, reachable, enjoyable.

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